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Announcing Lua Alchemy v0.3 release.

Official site:

Lua Alchemy is a MIT-licensed Lua implementation for the Adobe Flash
VM. (More correctly, it is the classic Lua 5.1.4, compiled under Adobe
Alchemy[1], with some pleasant sugar frosting on top.)

One of pleasant features is that with Lua Alchemy you can access
Action Script objects from the Lua code:

       local label =
       label.text = "Hello World"

(See more examples in the demo application linked above.)

This is a feature and a bug-fix release, which includes some useful
API changes and additions, a fix for a long-standing asynchronous API
issues (as3.flyield()) and a couple of new demos.

Demos include a Lua port of EZPlatformer — a demo for popular flixel
game development framework (

Some changes in this version were sponsored by the DragonRAD:

See full list of changes here:

See also a list of known issues:

All and any feedback welcome. Also, we look for contributors:

Additionally, a plea for help: can some guru please help me with this
issue, with math.random() returning values outside of [0, 1)?


[1] —