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 No, for strictly IUP the best place to do that is on the IUP mailing list

 Those libraries actually do not exist outside the Visual C++ project. But
yes, you only need to port the core modules and the win modules. In fact I
believe that nothing should be changed at the core modules.

  I guess the most problematic issue to port is the support for Unicode. But
it is a welcome addition. I can assist you for the best way to do it.


PS: Please reply to the IUP list.

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> Sent: sexta-feira, 3 de junho de 2011 04:51
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> Subject: IUP "basic" mode
> Is this mailing list also he right place for IUP questions?  I want to
> porting it to Windows Mobile (Windows CE), am right that for the standard
> controls I only need to build iupcore.lib and iupwin.lib plus the Lua
> bindings?