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> I am using LPEG patterns in a project I am working on.
> I was thinking about creating nick names for all the patterns I was
> planning on using and putting them in a table.
> For instance, a simple example from PIL, patterns.anyWord = "%a+"
> Wouldn't the overhead of creating a table of let's say 100 or so of
> these patterns be minimal? People could just copy and paste the table
> into their code and use the nick name instead of the pattern itself. I
> could find quite a few patterns on the wiki and once I posted the table
> back to the wiki others could add to it?

Sounds like a good idea! I've created such collections of "building
block" patterns myself, though I've been too lazy to put the patterns in
a separate module so I keep copy/pasting them between projects :-(.
Below are some simple examples, inspired by the patterns from <ctype.h>
that I use the most.

local R = lpeg.R
local S = lpeg.S

local upp, low = R'AZ', R'az'
local oct, dec = R'07', R'09'
local hex      = dec + R'AF' + R'af'
local letter   = upp + low
local alnum    = letter + dec + '_'
local endline  = S'\r\n\f'
local newline  = '\r\n' + endline

 - Peter