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--- On Fri, 5/20/11, Tim Mensch <> wrote:

> From: Tim Mensch <>
> Subject: Re: LuaJIT missing from language shootout benchmarking site
> To: "Lua mailing list" <>
> Date: Friday, May 20, 2011, 3:02 PM
> On 5/20/2011 3:33 PM, Isaac Gouy
> > In case you haven't noticed the Lua language is
> shown.
> And LuaJIT 2 is ~2x-131x faster than Lua [1]

Looks like information about the relative performance of Lua and LuaJIT is readily available to those who are interested in the Lua language.

Of course "The presented benchmark results are only indicative of the overall performance of each VM. They should not be construed as an exact prediction for the possible speedup of any specific application. It's advisable to benchmark your own application code before drawing any conclusions."

> > Your reasoning should apply to the many other language
> implementations that are not shown - unless your reasoning
> is just special pleading.
> LuaJIT is more than just "an implementation." It's effectively 
> blessed (or at least respected) by the original authors of Lua...

Do you suppose that the D programming language - not shown - is somehow not "blessed" by the creator of the D programming language?

etc etc

> What's the point of a language comparison site AT ALL if the most
> performant implementations of each language aren't represented? ... 
> Is it intended to be useful, or intended to prove some point of yours?

Asked and answered twice already, and now for the third time - 

1. To show working programs written in less familiar programming languages
2. To show the least we should expect from performance comparisons
3. To show how difficult it can be to make meaningful comparisons

> And it makes people (myself included) feel that there's a
> political motivation behind it...

Do you think there's "a political motivation" behind the obvious unwillingness of so many people (including yourself) not to pick up Stefan Marr's suggestion that - "someone interested would run a small set of languages to compare Lua implementations with a few other languages."?

Or is that just because you all want to do fewer chores not more :-)