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Is there some way to describe the parameters and return values of
function arguments to other functions in luadoc? I'm luadoc-ifying the
documentation of stdlib, and currently I have bits of documentation
like this:

-- @func nodes: tree iterator
--   @param tr: tree to iterate over
-- @returns
--   @param f: iterator function
--     @param n: current node
--     @param p: path to node within the tree
--   @yields
--     @param ty: type ("leaf", "branch" (pre-order) or "join" (post-order))
--     @param p_: path to node ({i1...ik})
--     @param n_: node

Here, the return value of an iterator functor is an iterator function,
whose arguments and return values I can document in my perhaps
too-simple ldoc format.

A little searching failed to turn up anything similar in luadoc
documentation or uses of luadoc, but I am hopeful since passing and
returning functions is common in Lua...