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On Wed, May 18, 2011 at 3:15 AM, Jonathan Castello <> wrote:
> It's pretty horrific, but interesting nonetheless.

Nice hack, making callable numbers do something useful !

Taking it a little further, judicious use of math.ceil() to separate
out the integer and the fractional parts can lead to this

(1) 'one'
(1.1) 'one 1'
(1.2) 'one 2'
generating a two-level to-do list.  You can only have 9 items in a
sublist, and can't have any deeper sublists - in fact they are a
syntax error (1.2.1).  This is a sensible restriction on a to-do list

The term DSL is relatively modern jargon; the Unix old-timers tended
to call them 'little languages' (e.g. Jon Bentley in his Programming

steve d.