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Peter Cawley wrote:
> For those of us planning to attending the 2011 workshop, is there any
> information available on practicalities like accommodation? Perhaps my
> Google-fu is weak, but I only found two places to stay in Frick, the
> cheaper of which (Hotel Engel) is CHF 90 per night, which seems
> slightly excessive.

The city's website lists four hotels:

The cheapest seems to be Hotel Adler (CHF 42).

And there's a camping site:

(6.50/person + 7.00/tent + 1.00/dog :-))

Note that Swiss prices already include tax.

> In a similar vein, are there any issues with planning to travel
> entirely by train between Zurich airport and Frick?

Afaict, there's a train (hourly from 06:04 to 21:04) directly
from Zürich airport to Frick (no change, 52 min).

Ciao, ET.