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Announcing lua-yajl release v2.0 and v1.3:

v2.0 is compatible with the 2.x version of the YAJL library [1].
v1.3 is compatible with 1.x version of the YAJL library [1].

Changes (Thanks to these contributors!):

 * Alexander Gladysh provided rockspecs.
 * agentzh fixed a bug when dealing with strings that are convertible
to numbers.
 * agentzh found a memory leak (and I fixed it).

This MIT-licensed Lua module binds yajl[1] C library used for parsing
JSON and generating JSON.  YAJL is set apart from it's peers[2] by the
encoding and decoding speed and the support for "streaming" (aka write
your own event handlers).



[1] —
[2] —

Brian Maher >> Glory to God <<