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To clarify, i have a Lua script which look like this:

-- main lua script
require ""

function computing()
 --this function is launched in a thread

  dll:launch_computing(computing) --the 2nd thread
  local is_quitting = dll:redraw() -- main thread
until (is_quitting)

As Lua is not reentrant, i cannot call the "computing()" function straight from the DLL. Then, i've created an new lua_State in the DLL, and i use it for reloading the whole lua script above.
(i get the script name with arg[0] from the "main" Lua state)

But if i execute the script after reloading it, it will call again and again the thread creation (rapid stack overflow).

I know that you're thinking it would be easier to store "computing" function in another script file, anyway i cannot access global variables from main Lua script. That's what i'm going to do. I was asking about "on demand" function compilation just out of curiosity.