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nlua  0.1.0

nlua is a binding between C++ and Lua.
(nlua is short for 'namespace lua')

The main idea is to have a C++ API which follows
the 'table' approach. The written C++ code should
a little bit look like Lua code.

Another goal is to have an easy to understand and
maintain code base. Using templates couldn't be
avoided but not much meta-programming is used.

A package with Doxygen-html could be downloaded
form SourceForge:

Browsing, cloning and forking could be done on GitHub:

So, and how will the code look like?

Code similar to chapter 28 of "Programming in Lua"'s could
be found in the test directory. The files show how PIL's
binding of a C struct could be transformed into nlua code:

The API is not set in stone, comments are welcome.