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while spending more and more time in Lua and LuaJIT2 I've improved the
auto-complete logic in Estrela.

Also added some type resolve based on "clean c headers" as used for LuaJIT's ffi

It's not super rock solid, but so far was okay for me and will get
improved if issues arise

Estrela Editor is written in Lua and originated from a wxLua sample.
Currently only win32 binaries are around, but the core functionality
is written in Lua.

There is also a simple lua binding now included for "mojoshaders"
c-style preprocessor

There is no logic to derive api from a own project yet, which probably
comes some day. However you could write a little c style header and
use the conversion tool to get basic completion going. Next goal will
be per-file automatic api (structs/functions) for the shading

(sorry in case this is a double post)