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On Fri, Mar 25, 2011 at 14:20, Paul Bonser <> wrote:
> Calabash is a behavior-driven development framework based on Cucumber
> (
> It parses .feature files using lpeg
> ( and then generates
> Telescope ( contexts, and runs them
> using Telescope. It also uses lfs to find the .feature files to run.
> This is an alpha release. So far I have successfully run Calabash's
> own tests. I bootstrapped the tests using Telescope tests, then when I
> had all my tests passing, switched over to running the tests directly
> with calabash.
> I built this because I am starting a project where I want to use both
> Lua and BDD, and while there are BDD frameworks for Lua, I couldn't
> find any that used the Cucumber .feature file idea. Plus it was a good
> "learning Lua and lpeg" project.
> I'd love to get feedback and bug reports. Please use the GitHub issues
> page to report any bugs:

Hey, this is very nice. I'm the author of Telescope and it's
gratifying to see you building something cool on top of it. I'll take
a longer look at it this week. If there's anything you have found
lacking in Telescope that you think would help you, just let me know.