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I am delighted to announce rl-completer release 1.

rl-completer adds Tab-completion to readline-enabled Lua interpreters.

Do not be fooled by the release number! This is actually Jay Carlson's
code from back in 2004, just slightly tweaked for ease of use under
Lua 5.1, and with a minor tweak to the (frankly rather pathetic,
sorry) Makefile to allow this extension to load (uselessly, but
harmlessly) under a non-readline-enabled Lua interpreter. Other than
that, nothing has changed.

Thanks very much to Jay for allowing me to take on maintaining rl-completer.

Patches to the build system are very much welcomed, but (please
forgive me) only if they meet the following conditions:

1. They're complete. I don't have time to work on this myself, only to
apply patches.

2. They either mimic the Lua build system, or use GNU autotools. I
don't mind which, but I don't want to have to support yet another sort
of Makefile; nor do users want to have to decipher one!

Since LuaForge is not adding new projects at the moment, please get it from: