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On Mon, Mar 28, 2011 at 06:59, steve donovan <> wrote:
> Hi all,
> Obligatory 'Sam Roberts' notice: I look after Penlight, which is a set
> of general Lua libraries aiming to cover most common needs - all in
> pure Lua with only a LuaFileSystem dependency for the file handling
> modules; the operative word is 'general purpose'.
> Now the question is this: I've received a few feature requests for XML
> support in Penlight, and I'm wondering what collective wisdom feels
> about basic pure Lua XML read/write support being included. Generally
> I've felt that this is the job of LuaExpat and friends, but this does
> seem to be a core need these days. (There is already support for
> common config file formats like INI etc.)
> One candidate for inclusion is LuaExpatUtils, which works with LOM
> representation and provides pretty printing, derived from the Prosody
> project.
> What is the general feeling? Where is the boundary between 'general'
> and 'specialized' Lua libraries? [1]
> Note: I have been cutting down on excessive module interdependencies,
> so XML etc support would be completely optional - i.e. you don't pay
> for what you don't use.
> (I still feel that things like networking, databases, GUIs etc are
> better served by separate projects.)
> steve d.
> [1] Yes, I know the question is badly posed.

What's wrong with all the existing libraries that presumably exist to
do exactly this? Converting XML to/from Lua tables is fairly

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