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It was thus said that the Great Diego Nehab once stated:
> On Mon, Mar 21, 2011 at 11:23 PM, Alexander Gladysh <> wrote:
> > As long as you will provide an option to turn this off without
> > rebuilding the module — go ahead.
> You mean you can foresee a situation in which getaddrinfo would return
> an IPv6 as the preferred resolved address and yet your program would
> rather stick to the IPv4 address returned by gethostbyname, even if
> the IPv6 route connects successfully?

  For a while, I noticed some websites I regularly visit would take an
insane amount of time to load, on the order of minutes.  I later realized
that my web browser (Firefox) had IPv6 enabled (since I was playing around
with it and could probably run my local network at home on all IPv6) and it
would attempt to connect via IPv6 first, then drop back to IPv4.  

  And wouldn't you know it, there are actually a few sites out there with
both IPv4 *and* IPv6 addresses.  I'm don't have an IPv6 ISP, nor can I
sucessfully tunnel IPv6 (I have a work-around, but it's not pretty nor is it
something I can rely upon) I had to disable IPv6 on Firefox (there is, to my
knowledge, no way to tell it IPv4, *then* IPv6).  

  It might be nice to allow an option to not only allow IPv6, but to tell
LuaSocket which order to try.