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On 18 March 2011 19:38, Axel Kittenberger <> wrote:
>> I'm afraid that owing to a recent change in GMail you'll get a lot of
>> this now. I can find no way to fix it in my GMail account.
> I explicitly set the default to "Reply all", as in large that one is
> considered the courteous thing to do. The are also lists (e.g. linux
> kernel) where the sender does not have to be subscribed, so to be nice
> you send him/her a CC. Most modern mail clients won't show the mail
> with one ID twice. On personal communication this is usually also the
> default you want to pick to reply to all. But I gladly accept
> differing house rules for lua-l. I'm flexible.

Unfortunately, this is not the problem: it is that GMail now replies
both to From: and Reply-To:. This is a fairly recent change which I've
noticed people complaining about on other lists. (I suppose those who
believe in "Reply-To: considered harmful on mailing lists" can