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steve donovan wrote:
> Hi all (and Mike in particular),
> I notice that mingw 64 bits is not part of the compatibility matrix
> for LuaJIT (

Last time I looked, it didn't support native Win64 exceptions
(unwind tables in .pdata/.xdata sections). This is mandatory for
the LuaJIT Windows/x64 port.

> Being adventurous, I did try a build, but got this link error:
> lj_err.o:lj_err.c:(.text+0xf8a): undefined reference to `_Unwind_RaiseException'

Ok, so the #ifdefs pick the wrong exception handling model. But I
guess it would fail with the Win64 exceptions, too (next #elif).
And it would need to select LJVM_MODE=peobj LJVM_BOUT=$(LJVM_O)
in src/Makefile, too.