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On Saturday 05, CrazyButcher wrote:
> Hi Robert,
> I tried to make the zeromq bindings on windows with vc2008 and that
> combo currently doesn't work with the automatic ways:
> cmake won't find libzmq (how does one tell it?), and same applies to
> luarocks (although I can easily throw zmq into lua lib/include dir)

I am not sure how best to make CMake detect were the ZMQ library is install.  
The CMake build file is using pkg-config to find the library, does windows 
have support for pkg-config?  The original lua-zmq bindings [1] uses pkg-
config in a simple Makefile.  Does that one work on windows?

> one issue related to the binding generator, vc doesn't like multi-line
> strings with \, one can relatively quickly hit a limit and get an
> error,
> instead use
> const char* somestring = "line1"
> "line2"
> "line3";

I have switch the generator to using this style of multi-line strings.  The 
other style seemed easier to do and nicer to read, but it wasn't that hard to 
switch to this style.

> and compiler will make a single string out of it without complaining.
> There were some other issues when I tried to compile lua-zmq with
> vc2008, will let you know once resolved.

I have committed an updated pre-generated bindings file, you can manually 
modify the pre-generated file and send me a diff of what changes you needed to 
make it work, and I will try to port the changes to the bindings files or the 
generator as needed.


Robert G. Jakabosky