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On 02/28/11 00:12, Reuben Thomas wrote:
> OK, I bite. I use Lua regularly, and almost exclusively for
> command-line programming, and I've never needed to "argify" a string
> (nice word, though). What's it for?

I'm implementing a REPL for a game server; a simple Lua client which
prompts the user for a command, parses it, and sends it off to the
server. As such I need to be able to read a unix-style command line and
parse it into records the server will understand.

	Rename 405 "This is the new name for object #405"

...becomes {"Rename", "405", "This is the new name for object #405"} in
the wire protocol.

(FWIW, I'm using ZMQ for the wire protocol, so the above becomes a
multipart message with three records. ZMQ is great at this stuff.
Unfortunately, the version in Debian is achingly old, and it took me a
while to figure out why the ZMQ Lua bindings wouldn't compile...)

Anyway, thanks for the implementations --- much appreciated!

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