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On Sun, Feb 27, 2011 at 06:55, Philippe Lhoste <> wrote:
> On 27/02/2011 01:07, HyperHacker wrote:
>> Mhm, I figured someone got a hold of your machine. I thought about
>> sending you a message warning you of the apparent infection, but
>> figured plenty others would probably have done so already (and I'd
>> just be giving my personal email address to a spambot).
> The problem with e-mail is that it isn't secured.
> I can just send an e-mail right now stating I am Steve Donovan or Bill Gates
> or any address I find on the Net.
> We can put anything in the From field. I don't think SMTP servers check it
> is correct.
> For the anecdote, we received a similar spam (from a so called SD) on the
> SciTE mailing list as well...
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> Philippe Lhoste
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I considered that as well, but looking at the headers, it looked like
the message had been sent to a few other addresses having associated
names alphabetically close to "Lua" (e.g. "Kate"), suggesting
something had got ahold of his personal contact list.

I did have an unfortunate case a few years back with a Yahoo account
where a spammer spoofed my address as the sender, causing me to get
flooded with tons of "no such address" replies (and a few irate
responses from people who did get the message). Would have been nice
to track down who did it, but I didn't have the technical know-how at
the time.

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