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  Ok. Thanks for the feedback. I think we should provide a "remove" script
as well.

  The existence of the /usr/lib64 folder made the 3.4 script to install the
files in the wrong place, so the 3.3 files were still there. Thank you for
your attention with the scripts. As I said this is the second version the
scripts are available, so they still need improvements.

> 1. The error was caused mainly because the test
> if [ -d /usr/lib64 ]; then
>   SYSTEM_LIB=/usr/lib64
> else
>   SYSTEM_LIB=/usr/lib
> fi
> is too simplistic.

  I can improve that by adding the "64" only if the system was really 64
bits. Since you downloaded iup-3.4_Linux26g4_lib.tar.gz I'm assuming that
your system is 32 bits right?
> 2. The typical Unix user feels disoriented if a tarball contains
>     no README or INSTALL.  Some of the things the scripts say could
>     usefully go in there.

  Ok. I will fix that.

> 3. The scripts also reported
> ./install: line 4: tec_uname: No such file or directory
> ./install: line 68: ComputeTecUname: command not found
> ./install: line 63: Pause: command not found
> ./install_dev: line 4: tec_uname: No such file or directory
> ./install_dev: line 71: ComputeTecUname: command not found
> ./install_dev: line 66: Pause: command not found
> which did not cause them to fail, though.

  This was a bug in my packaging script, that file should be there. 

  Thanks again. I think there will be a 3.4.1 soon.

Best Regards,
Antonio Scuri