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On 23.02.2011 22:30, Jeff Smith wrote:

> Any advice or code examples would be welcomed please. Thanks

How about this:
$ mkdir -p com/example/
$ cat > com/example/graphics.lua
local M={}

function M:test()
  return 'Tested'

return M

$ lua -e 'graphics=require ""; print(graphics:test())'

So you make a local module and put it inside a namespace by installing
it in your subdirectory (com/example), and return just a table. Then the
caller decides where to assign the required module.
Calling graphics:test() is faster than calling
You can also move your module to another subdirectory, and would need to
change only 1 line of the caller code - no changes to the module itself.
This is lua 5.2 compatible. The above module is in plain lua, but you
could do the same for C bindings.