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Sorry to bother everyone again, just to report that with 64bit build
of LuaJIT2, now all 4 rendering methods used in the
lifegame_ffi_sdl_gl.lua in the previous post runs roughly at the same
speed, however all of them are faster than 32bit versions about 2x.
(changing target to 64bit had a similar gain for C++ version, but
still 10%~20% slower than LuaJIT2 FFI version)

One problem I encountered is that my code used both OpenGL and SDL, so
I must find a 64-bit SDL build... otherwise I had to build it
myself... now that's tons and tons of windows-directx related SDK to
download. Fortunately I found a prebuilt SDL package for some mingw64

I think most of the time I'll still use 32bit ver. though. Quite a few
luarocks I usually use have only 32bit binaries in them.

Big thanks again to Mike. :D

Johnson Lin