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On 22.02.2011 16:37, Javier Guerra Giraldez wrote:

> B) new bindings: here's the splitting danger, FFI is easier to use and
> gets you faster results, so why bother with the C binding? but as i
> see it, once you have the Lua API nailed, adding the C binding is less
> than a day of work in most cases.

I wonder: if there was a way to get ffi introspection data (what
functions are "visible", what arguments they need, etc), maybe it would
be possible to automatically generate C bindings for used functions? So
1. use FFI during development
2. when finished, run converter, which finds every ffi.* usage and
creates module.c file(s).

Of course this converter would be run by luajit, but the resulting
(compiled) module could be used by plain lua. Just a dream I guess...