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 Basically, if You don't want/need to implement client with full
telnet support, what is rather complicated, You just need to ignore
any telnet requests from server; these requests always has the form
`IAC cmd` or `IAC WILL/WONT/DO/DONT opt`. (There's another thing of
the form `IAC SB opt data IAC SE`, but this can appear only if client
tells the server to enable some option).
The only more thing You need to know about the server is now does it
mark "I'm waiting for user input now" (IIRC it's the `IAC GA` command)

So it's pretty simple to implement such client with LuaSocket.


On 22 February 2011 12:37, Gilles Ganault <> wrote:
> Hello
> I need to write a script to interact with a Telnet-based server:
> Alternatively, the server can also be reached through URLs, but the
> client must support cookies.
> I'd like to know if LuaSocket is the best solution for this, or if I
> should look at another add-on.
> Thank you.