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> I'd love to have continuations in lua, but I don't see how this has anything to do with continue?

Originally it hasnt, this is an imagination addition from me. If you
could make the middle part of a loop (after init, before next) as
continuation point, it would work also just like continue. Might argue
it be ineffecient tough.

> Anyways, call/cc would be so brilliant :)

Might argue if it would be covered by co-routines, the aboth
suggestion does not need a call for continuation support but an
arbitrary point in code to be fallback (or forward if already
retracted the stack). I consider continuations - if possible - the
more general/powerful concept. You can manufacture coroutines with
continuations, but not vice versa.

I don't know how specific a proposal for Google Summer of Code needs
to be. But it might just be continuation-call/cc support (patch) and
let the student figure what and how exactly s/he wants to do to it.