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I need do more think it, how about trans ffi spec to alien or cinvoke imp.

Write with HTC g7.

在 2011-2-22 上午12:46,"Peter Cawley" <>编写:

2011/2/21 zhiguo zhao <>:

>>  does runtime generation of architecture-specific machine code
>     No, not need machine code.

If you're ruling out alien and dynamic machine code generation, then
as far as I can tell, you're left with providing a finite number of
"binding bits" at compile time. This seems problematic, as how then
are you going to cover every single possibility and combination of
possibilities from this finite set? As I see it, covering a call out
to a C function with 16 arguments, where each argument might be an
integer word, a float, or a complex structure would need at least 3^16
"binding bits".