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Francesco Abbate wrote:
> Otherwise I have discovered that my first benchmark had a problem, for
> some reason when GSL shell is built with the math functions in the
> global namespace the JIT does not compile anything at all for the ode
> example. I can obtain something correct in GSL shell by enabling
> LUA_BUILD in makeconfig, in this case the math functions are in the
> 'math' namespace and everything works right. Do you have, Mike, some
> hints about why this problem arise ? The problem is that I access the
> global namespace ? What I can use to troubleshoot this kind of
> problems ?

Well, I don't know what exactly you're doing there. You can easily
get yourself into trouble, if you don't use luaL_openlibs(). Copy
the fields from 'math.*' to '_G.*' after that (if you must). Do not
remove the 'math' table.

> Well, may be I'm really dumb but '-jv' does not work at all, even with
> a vanilla luajit2 build I get:
> /src/luajit: unknown luaJIT command

This means it doesn't find the jit/v.lua file in the package
search path. Consider using 'make install'.