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first of all let me preliminary state that I am a Lua beginner :)

At the moment I am finding it difficult to have an embedded Lua
session (in a C++ session) throw an exception when an error is
encountered instead of just abruptly closing the running program.

To be more specific, I am using Visual Studio 2008, I downloaded Lua
5.1.4 and I modified the file luavs.bat to add the compiler options
/TP (compile as C++) and /EHsc (otherwise I get a warning: "C++
exception handler used, but unwind semantics are not enabled. Specify

Then in the C++ program that uses a Lua session, I link to lua51.lib,
I make sure that lua51.dll can be found, and I include Lua via:

#include <lua.h>
(notice no extern "C").

 This way it compiles, links and runs fine. However when I run the
following C++ code:

lua_State* L = lua_open();
lua_dofile(L, "file.lua");

and the script file.lua contains a syntax error, I get the following message:
Microsoft C++ exception: lua_jump at memory address.....

which for same reason I cannot catch even with:

catch(...) {...}

 and the C++ program just plainly exit (which in my context is
something to be avoided at all costs).

To sum up, I need a way to make sure that all errors in Lua  (which
may happen in say lua_dofile() or lua_call()) result in a
std::exception being thrown (which I will catch in my C++ code).

If it is possible, it would really help the debugging if an
informative message were included in the exception (like: "Parsing
error at line 24 of file.lua").

Any help / comment is greatly welcome.

Thank you