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On 02/15/2011 09:05 AM, Gilles Ganault wrote:
> There's a task that requires calling a Lua script through the AGI
> interface.

What's the "task" and why does it require calling a Lua script?

I haven't tried using it yet, but if you're using asterisk 1.6, Lua is
supported as a built-in dialplan language (module pbx_lua), so that you
don't need to use AGI at all.  Of course that may not meet your needs if you
have large legacy dialplan code-base that you don't want to convert, but I
think lua should be vastly superior to either the original dialplan language
or AEL.

I've not seen much documentation for pbx_lua, perhaps the best is the sample
file that comes with asterisk 1.6:
and through Google I found the slides from a presentation:

If you do find a lua library for parsing AGI headers, please let me know...
and ditto if you write an open-source one.