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> I think what Axel is thinking (he must correct me if I'm wrong) is
> that he wants to separate presentation from representation. So just as
> using tabs means that the presentation can be trivially changed by
> setting the width of a tab, he can customize how he wants to see code
> more generally. For instance, if working in a curly-bracket language
> and you are irritated by the brace style, you can change the
> presentation so that it isn't so insanely space-wasting.  Or even
> (gasp) present and edit Lua as a curly-bracket language.

Yes, just replace wants with wanted. Not too topic, I just felt
talkative. I'm not sure if its feaseable. As far as I realized there
was some subgroup in the .net community that wanted to go that road,
but somehow got overruled, or that during a certain time .net ment a
lot of different things at once for different people.

> Also, we gain valuable cues from the appearance of a language - 'this
> looks like Lua, load my personal Lua-thinking module' etc. If it looks
> like JavaScript, then well, you might think that a + b means string
> concatenation and arrays start at zero ;)

Likely, when some people looked over my shoulder when doing Lua they
immediatly expressed sympathy because "it looks kinda pascal", poor
little pascal so dead today.