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> On the other hand, it's nice that there's a straight-forward mapping
> between the Tcl example code and what you need to write to use ltk
> widgets, meaning you can trivially use the tk documentation directly.

Yep, with what I have in mind I will have to write the complete documentation for it.

> How would you get rid of the redundancy between button and
> ttk::button? Do you just mean to target T>= 8.5 only and therefore no
> longer bind the button control?

Yep, that is what I intend to do. More like making a lua gui toolkit using tk rather than a straight tk binding.

> I for one like the fact the Tcl binding is there, even if I haven't
> found much occasion to use it. That said, the existing binding appears
> to work well enough and could just be put into maintenance mode.

I will keep supporting ltcltk, at least for a while. Seems to be stable enough to not need much maintenance. It will receive a maintenance update in the near future making it 5.2 compatible.