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Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo <lhf <at>> writes:

> > Maybe I shouldn't be linking against Lua at this point -- since the lua
> > binary is already linked against it, maybe I'm loading Lua twice as Luiz
> > suggested.  But if I don't link against Lua at this point I get undefined
> > reference errors (even though I'm compiling with -shared).
> For OS X the incantation is "-bundle -undefined dynamic_lookup" instead of
> "-shared".

I was going from the wiki page [0], which says (at the moment):

  Mac OS X shared libraries (Lua 5.1.3 and later)

  IMPORTANT NOTE: With the release of Lua 5.1.3 the module loader for
  Lua on Mac OS X has changed. It now uses the standard POSIX dlfcn API.
  So just follow the instructions above under dlfcn shared libraries
  with GCC.

This led me to believe that there is no reason to do anything special
on OS X.