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I've been using Lua and LuaJIT for years now.  For example, I have
created the Lua interface to Csound and CsoundAC, and I have also
created a pure Lua algorithmic composition environment that runs on
both Android phones and PCs (Silencio).

Recently I started working with LuaJIT with the new native FFI, and I
am very impressed. The system now seems competitive in many respects
with C/C++ for certain domains of programming, including music

My question is this: Are there any plans to implement native threads
in LuaJIT? The reason I ask is that in audio synthesis, where there is
a signal flow graph carrying audio and MIDI events from source nodes
through processing and synthesis nodes to outlet nodes, it is becoming
advantageous to process all nodes on the same "layer" of the graph,
which therefore are logically independent of each other except for the
reduce operation of summing signals in source nodes, in parallel on
multiple cores. Now that four and even more cores per personal
computer are becoming affordable and even common, this can result in
significant speedups in synthesis.

I would love to be able to do this kind of parallel processing in LuaJIT.


Michael Gogins
Irreducible Productions
Michael dot Gogins at gmail dot com