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One of the hallmarks of JetBrains (the maker of IntelliJ) is the
notion of an intelligent semantically aware text editor.

To honor this I have been creating what are called "inspections" which
find common flaws in code and either flag them, or flag them and offer
to fix them.


I am looking for more, so I thought I would ask the list for some suggestions.

I'm not sure how common this is for others, but sometimes I define an object method which references the implicit "self" parameter in its body but then I forget to either 1. include "self" in the parameter list or 2. define the method using the object:method() notation. The end result is of course that "self" refers to a (probably nonexistent) global variable. This could/should be pretty easy to detect using static analysis?

 - Peter Odding


PS. Some examples for inspections.lua:

local object = {}

-- self explicitly included in parameter list: OK
function object.goodmethod1(self) print(self) end

-- self implicitly included in parameter list: OK
function object:goodmethod2() print(self) end

-- self refers to a global, probably not what was intended!
function object.badmethod() print(self) end