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I've added "yet another zip library" to the zip libraries already
available to Lua [1].  This library is based off of libzip from:

This one is different from the others that I tried in that you can now
"write" zip files that can be read by all zip programs (unfortunately,
lua-archive zip files are not compatible with Microsoft Office).  You
can get the library here:

The motivation for this library is a power point slide generator that
I wrote to make it easier for me to prepare music slides.  If you are
interested in that hack (the code needs major refactoring), you can
get it here:

It works, but it isn't pretty.  The lua-zip binding on the other hand
has been tested a lot more thoroughly (but I don't guarantee it as
being bug free).


[1] NOTE: my zip binding is prefixed with "brimworks" to avoid
collisions with the other LuaZip library (which is a binding to
zziplib).  If other people have suggestions on a different module
name, please send it my way.

Brian Maher >> Glory to God <<