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Francesco Abbate wrote:
> It is also very difficult for the
> user guess what LuaJIT is able to optimize well and what is not.

I told you to use -jv, so you don't need to guess.

> > I showed you how to make it even faster than the C version. It's
> > your decision, whether you'll heed that advice or not.
> No, you didn't show me anything because your solution is not
> acceptable. The algorithm needs to work for ODE system of arbtrary
> dimension N and your solution was only for the case N=2.

You don't do it by hand of course. I showed you how to generalize
it. I'm not going to do the work for you.

> I assume that the Lua translations of the RK4 algorithm was perfectly
> fine as it was the original C code and LuaJIT2 failed completely to
> optimize the implemented algorithm.

No it was not. Learn how to program in Lua, not blindly transcribe
(suboptimal) C code.

I'm sick of this whining. I will not reply to you anymore.