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> > As I know, strong types has another name: static type, they means the
> > variable instead of value has type: value has not type, but variable does.
> > i.e. the object/memory/space hold the corresponding value has type, but not
> > the value itself.
>      Wrong. Strong typing means that, like in Ocaml, you cannot add
> integers to floating point numbers directly. Even in C, with its
> static type system, integers are silently promoted to floating point
> numbers in such a case.

Let us all follow Steve Donovan's advice and read "What To Know Before
Debating Type Systems" [1]. In particular:

   Probably the most common way type systems are classified is "strong"
   or "weak." This is unfortunate, since these words have nearly no
   meaning at all.

I heartily agree.


-- Roberto