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On Wednesday 02 February 2011 14:14:10 you wrote:

> Hi Steve
> I doubt that there is much advantage to the freestanding-variable over
> the variable-as-key in Lua in most cases but I was thinking that if
> someone was writing a constructor function it might be nice for that
> function to be able to programatically generate variable names.

Best of both worlds -- use the generated variable names as table keys.


> Were getting almost a foot of snow today :(, must be nice to be in
> Orlando! -Pat


Let's revisit that assertion in July, when it's 92 in the shade and riding my 
bicycle, probably almost a calorie per square centimeter of infrared is 
hitting my skin, and there's a hurricane 400 miles away and we're deciding 
whether to stay or go.

Anyway, I'd like to gripe more, but I've gotta ride my bicycle to the post 
office and the gym, and I like to do it during daylight when it's above 70 



Steve Litt
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