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> I am a mathematician by education, and it did not take me long to
> realize that math was not a science, but a tool of science,
> ...............
> nothing to do with reality. That is how I see lua. It is a beautiful
> artifact that allows access to the basic mechanisms of functional and
> object oriented programming without necessarily doing something useful
> or even intelligible. On the other hand, solving a difficult equation or
> building a gem of a program in lua gives a great deal of personal
> satisfaction, but that is not usually what I have in mind when I sit to
> program.
> Everett L.(Rett) Williams II

I am also a mathematician. Thank you, Everett, for articulating so
clearly principles that I endorse. My own programming activities
are on a very humble scale. As a matter of experience, with even the
smallest projects, I have found it necessary to start over from the
beginning many times. The first efforts are best thought of as
expeditions to get your head round the terrain. Then a hot bath is
when the real programming takes place.

Gavin Wraith (
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