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On Tuesday 01 February 2011 01:01:43 J.Jørgen von Bargen wrote:
> Am 31.01.2011 19:57, schrieb Steve Litt:
> > Hi all,
> >
> > On February 17, 2011 I'll be giving a Lua presentation at Linux
> > Enthusiasts and Professionals ( Like many of my
> > presentations it will probably be a "Lifeboat and Speedboat"
> > presentation, where the first part goes over the basics at a slow speed,
> > and the second part is a fast dog and pony show of advanced features. All
> > advice would be welcome (although of course in the end I'll be the one
> > determining the content). It looks like I'll have approximately 1.75
> > hours for the presentation.
> I did some inside-company presentation and the biggest wow-effect was to
> explane
> "print is no runtimefunction. print is just a (global) variable holding
> a first class value, the function code.
>   It's perfect legal to do print=nil or event print=1/3 (but then you
> can't "print" any more :-) "
> I believe "function is a first class value" is one of the most important
> (and astonishing) concepts of lua and should not be missed in any
> presentation.

Thanks. I'll do that!


Steve Litt
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