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On Monday 31 January 2011 18:37:26 Lucas Zawacki wrote:
> Hey guys!
> So I've been working in the past few days in a little app to put some
> of my Lua skills in practice and scractch a little itch I had.
> Check it out: . There's some
> documentation and honesty in the README
> It's a small application to read joystick inputs and map it to OS
> shell commands. It uses Lua extensively as a DSL for the mapping of
> buttons to commands, I have no parsers at all... just plain Lua.
> The code has been lualinted and still has some "warnings" (some global
> variables that I plan to squash while learning more about environments
> and the registry). The design is VERY simple and naive, but it works
> fine and I'm cheating here and calling this a 1.0 release. It uses the
> Linux kernel API to read the joystick (because I'm lazy) so it works
> only under Linux, BUT I plan in fixing that

I'm all over this like a squirrel on a tree. This is excellent. But I own no 
joystick. How would I make this work with my scroll mouse instead? Would I 
just change 

int fd = openDevice( argc == 2 ? strdup(argv[1]) : "/dev/input/js0" );

to something else? Using tail -f I couldn't read anything off of 

Also, I didn't understand one piece of Lua syntax:

cmd {
		down = function ()
			print(k .. ' down')
			execute_cmd('xdotool keydown ' .. k)
		end ,
		up = function()
			print(k .. ' up')
			execute_cmd('xdotool keyup ' .. k)

Since cmd is a function, shouldn't the anonymous table be enclosed in 

This is pretty cool. Thanks

Steve Litt
Recession Relief Package