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On Wednesday 26, Steve Litt wrote:
> I'm thinking of redoing this in Lua. Can coroutines be run in two different
> xterms? Can coroutines signal each other? Would you even recommend
> coroutines? Does Lua have facilities to send Linux signals? Might they
> communicate via sockets? Any other words of wisdom?

You could use ConcurrentLua [1], which has a distributed mode that lets 
coroutine "tasks" communicate in an erlang style of message-passing between 
PIDs.  So you would run one instance of Lua in each xterm window, there could 
even be background instances of Lua running worker tasks.

Another option would be to use ZeroMQ [2] for message passing between 
instances of Lua.

For Linux signals, you can use luaposix [3].  It has a kill function that 
would work.


Robert G. Jakabosky