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Hi, all!

We have some humble progress on the Lua Cookbook project:

1. We decided on the license: CC-BY 3.0 for text, MIT for code:

2. We made good progress on the TOC:

I urge the community to take part in the TOC discussion and, also, to
contribute your own TOC items to the wiki.

* * *

We need help from the community:

1. Most important, content contributions:

-- Contribute a new TOC item if you know a good one.
-- Critique TOC draft if you feel that something can be improved
-- Add your name next to the existing TOC item if you want to write about it
-- Write an article if you feel an urge!

Nevermind bureaucracy, nevermind perfectionism, just write it as is,
in any format and push it to your fork on github (or even send it to
the book mailing list, or just to myself)! Content is everything,
bureaucracy is nothing. (Note that by sending an article you accept
the that it or the work, derived from it, would be published under our
licensing terms: CC-BY 3.0 for text, MIT for code.)

2. We need help with book pipeline.

Please read this:

We're choosing between markdown with pandoc, rst with sphinx and raw
latex. If you know any of these technologies (or a better one), please
help us to build the pipeline for a book.

There are several attempts:

Two lame, incomplete ones by myself:

One, better one, but still incomplete (?) by Matthew Frazier (using
RST + Sphinx):

Full, complete pipeline will have means to produce all the markup,
mentioned on the wiki, in HTML and PDF.

* * *

Everyone is welcome to the mailing list:

All and any feedback is welcome.

Thank you, everyone who contribute!