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> Circa 100000 B.C, In his paper "from the dark side, postfix notation 
> save you, will" Jedi Master Yoda laid the foundation for stack oriented 
> programming.

*rofl* nice one :)

> There are languages such as Forth, Factor and Joy to borrow idioms from. 
> Do you think these idioms might be useful to learn when using the C API? 
> Could I think of this as stack oriented programming without the postfix 
> craziness?

I had a brief brush with forth back when 8bit was state of the art. What I learnt from that was how to keep an inventory of what's on the stack in my head and keep track of it whilst browsing or creating the code. This definitely helps with using the C api.

However, if you're starting with the C API and do now know any of these languages (or have inhaled Yodas paper), I don't think it is worth learning Forth first in order to get a grip on the C api, it really is not that hard :)