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Hello everyone,

Since it appears that nobody had done this work yet, I tried to build
a distribution of Lua for jailbroken iPhones/iPads.
This is a console interface with Readline support, that can be run
interactively through SSH or with Mobile Terminal.
You can also write executable Lua scripts that can be run from other
programs like the lighttpd web server.

Compiling Lua for the iPhone was of course very easy, since the code
is C89 ANSI compliant.
Building a usable distribution with a few common libraries is somewhat
less trivial.
The distribution project homepage is at Github [1].
The associated  documentation page can be accessed from [2].
You can build the package yourself if you have a complete working tool
chain installed on your iPhone.
But it is easier to download the .deb package from [3] and install it
the following way:

    $ wget
    $ sudo dpkg -i lua-5.1.4-1.deb

Currently, the distribution includes LuaFileSystem, LuaSocket, CGILua,
alien and LuaPosix libraries.
Please give feedback about the libraries that should be included.

Concerning the distribution, I have submitted the package to, one of the default Cydia repositories.
The idea was to announce Lua for iPhone when it will be available on
Cydia (it would have been easier to install).
However, ModMyi has *rejected* the package, for a  surprising reason.
They say that "Coding Languages need to go through Tangelo (Saurik's)
Before contacting Saurik to ask for a possible hosting, I would now
prefer to have the community agreement.
An alternative would be to have our own repository, with all libraries
placed in separate packages, like Perl from [4].

Patrick Rapin