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On 01/24/2011 08:50 AM, wrote:

 > As a long time newbie(yes possible if you code < 2hrs a week!) I
disagree with this. Experts can subscribe to the newbie list and vice
versa. I have twice tried to push for a tutor list and would personally
feel more comfortable there.

The issue I'd like to be taken note of is, that someone like you feels


Thanks Henning

When I see longtimer's postings they seem to be able to post very terse concise emails. I really am trying but I cannot match this. I ramble when I speak and I ramble when I write. I have no friends or family that program and I would love a place where more verbose and friendly postings would be welcome. This list is pretty large and at a very high level of expertise, I don't want to drag the signal-to-noise down more then I already do.

Thanks again-Patrick