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Petri Häkkinen wrote:
> This is great! I have to check out FFI soon and rewrite my vector math lib.

Note that allocations aren't optimized away, yet. Performance may
be disappointing if you create lots of temporary vectors.

> But there is one thing that I was hoping to see on the road map and that is
> support for dumping and loading bytecode. Is this still a planned feature?

I've previously said that it's currently not a priority for me,
since it offers few benefits for open source developers. The
sponsorship page shows alternative means to change my development

> I doubt we could ship a commercial game with (full) source code even if it's
> encrypted...

Why? Reverse-engineering bytecode is at about the same difficulty
level as reverse-engineering obfuscated and encrypted source code.
Ask around in the Java community.

Also, if you fear that your competition wants to peek at your
source code: if they really wanted that, then there are much
cheaper ways to do that (how much does your janitor earn?). But
believe me: their source code is as messy as yours and they have
enough brittle frameworks of their own.

Some commercial games even ship with source code, imagine that! :-)