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Hello, everyone.

A few days ago, I wrote a blog post [1] detailing my opinions on server APIs like WSGI, WSAPI, and Rack. As promised in the post, I have written the first (very early) draft of LASI, the Lua Application/Server Interface [2]. (Sorry if the definition lists are a bit hard to read, Github doesn't play well with RST.)

The major reasons for this are explained in the blog post - namely, I think that the CGI-inspired style of existing gateway interfaces doesn't really work with today's servers and applications. Also, WSAPI is kind of underspecced, and really only used by Kepler servers and applications.

Anyway, before I start writing code, I would enjoy some feedback, especially on:

- What do you think about the ideas in the blog post? Do you think a new style of interface is necessary?
- Do you think that my specific concerns about WSAPI are valid?
- How would you pronounce LASI?
- Can you think of a better name?
- Did I forget anything important in the spec?
- Server developers: is there anything in the draft that would be particularly tricky to implement in terms of HTTP? - Application and library developers: is this something you would be comfortable working with?

Thanks, Matthew Frazier