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2011/1/21 Gustavo de Sá Carvalho Honorato <>:
> how can I use require function passing the file path relative to the file
> that is calling the require function, as we do with #include in C?

Require doesn't work like C includes, its parameter is not a path but
a module name. The correct way to have it load a module that is
relative to the "requiring" file, depends on the type of file.

If the file that calls require is a script, it should configure
package.path. For example :

    package.path = package.path.."/path/to/your/script/?.lua"

If your file is another module, the file own module name is passed to
it as first parameter. From that you can find sub-modules. For example

    local modname = ...
    local submodule = require(modname..".subname")